Diablo 2

All items that you ordered will be transferred to separate account and information about account data will be sent to the e-mail that u have provided at checkout (it is very important to give us correct e-mail at that stage). 

If you can’t transfer items to your own character just please as know via live chat. We will help you with that!

The most orders will be done within 1 hour, sometimes up to 10 hours. In extraordinary cases you can wait longer (for example if u order very rare item- perfect stuff as annihilus 20 20 10, griffon 20 15 etc.)

If delivery time will be longer than 1 hour you can be sure that you will be informed via e-mail about estimated delivery time.

Path of Exile

Please give us know about your character name at the order stage or by message on our live chat.

Orbs will be provided in game „face to face”. 

Please prepare rare item as a exchange for orbs.